When a person hurts us, especially the brutal, it is from their lack, their hurt inside. We can only detach and wish them well from afar. Then grab a clean sheet of paper and write your future.

it's all about...

People will never truly understand something until it happens to them. There are some things that I have experienced that I hope will never happen to others. There is a wide spectrum of human behavior, and life has a more transient aspect to it than many of us would like to admit. What we do seem to remember is how people make us feel. I appreciate support and kindness more than you will ever know.


What I choose to focus on and to ignore affects the quality of my life in the way that depth meets and merges with meaning:  one small step at a time done deliberately and consistently,  moving mountains and leaving a footprint...

When you love someone or something, you take care of it. One can witness humanity at its worst and still try to serve as a model of humanity at its best.


​Starting again: How would you live and how would you strive if you knew what it felt like to have those last breathes of life? I can tell you, you would cherish and not waste a moment. Live with the understanding of how precious is life: gratitude for the laughter of my children, the love from my family and the kindness of my friends. Vulnerability and strength: I can get through anything now. 

The main theme of Oppenheim's work is primarily to render personal responses to the female form. The plurality of her work focuses on range: bronze figurative nude sculptures, drawings, encaustics, paintings, ceramics, print and mixed media and photography.

Oppenheim's studio is in Maine. She studies occasionally at The Art Students League in Manhattan as well. Her formal education began at Bowdoin College where she has exhibited. Oppenheim has studied at The Art School at Old Church in Demarest, New Jersey with sculptor Janice Mauro and the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, New York. Sculptures are bronzed at local foundries, including New Foundry New York, Inc., Stewart Sculpture Casting and Polich Tallix, a full service foundry that caters to sculptors such as Tom Otterness and Frank Stella.

Oppenheim is an Artist Member of the Edward Hopper House Art Center, and a former Associate member of The National Sculpture Society and The Art School of Old Church. She previously served on the Development Committee at The Edward Hopper House Art Center. Oppenheim is also a member of Fine Arts, Fine Art Professionals and Collectors, The Art Students League of New York, and participates at the Modern Museum of Art,  The Whitney Museum, and the Portland Museum of Art programming.


Oppenheim has shown work at The Edward Hopper House, The Art School of Old Church, The Clay Art Center in Port Chester, The Gene Reed Gallery, Maria Luisa of Nyack, Bowdoin College, Rockland Center for the Arts, The All Souls Church in Suffern, and Johnnycakes of Nyack. Her work is on permanent exhibition at 8 North Broadway and Johnnycakes on Main Street in Nyack, New York.


Oppenheim is a volunteer speaker for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and supports Day One, Connect, and the Center for Safety and Change. Nearly half of all murdered women in America are killed by a current or former romantic partner. This is the chilling statistic. Baseless hatred and violence against any individual undermines all of us. It can happen to anyone, even those in a seemingly idyllic life can face this, for it is an invisible dark cloud. It is a complicated, duplicitous disease involving secrecy and shame. It is corrosive to the well-being of a peaceful world. We are not going to create a genuinely positive world until we can hold the space for each other's shadow, the often frightened silent victims. Lets promote the rights and honor all decent human beings and be a beacon of strength for the dignity of all humankind.


Oppenheim likes to climb mountains. She has summited Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa; the Salkantay route, the highest peak in the Vilcabamba mountain range and part of the Peruvian Andes ending in Machu Picchu; Mt. Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine; and will be heading to Nepal next to climb Mt. Everest, the Earth's highest mountain. Elevating life.

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