ann oppenheim art


Let me ask you this simple question: What if you were allowed only ten more breaths, how would you breathe them?

Ten last breaths changed my life. 

When faced with ten last breaths, it's something that you think about. I call it my Prilosec period, and once it's divorced, you are freer to experience unencumbered happiness and some really great surprises. You rediscover so much, and it's pretty terrifying and awesome at the same time--even as you struggle to get there--the getting there is the point--and the baby step accomplishments are appreciated so much sure can be as messy as a pile of mud that an artist shapes into something beautiful. 

Art takes you in and out of how life changes you. That's what my art is all about. Those ten last breaths that changed my life, and the importance of every breath, every day, every blessing. I simply wrapped my sad art, packed it in a few boxes, and it's in storage now where it belongs. 

​​When I make art, I lose all sense of  time as it breathes into my work until I'm depleted. It brings me closest to myself where I find peace--for what matters is how we see ourselves through and in our passions and work. I'm making happier art now--and this is a blessing and a connection to others.

​​When a person creates, it begins as an experiment, a curiosity, a drive--like seeking first to understand and then to be understood--and mostly, over time, really mostly because it just has to. It cannot be stopped or denied and is restorative. Here's the rub: one day, your life changes--it happens to most of us--and then you change in a big way--you discover that the bees buzzing around you stung far more than their beneficial honey. You take the stairs, take space, and put yourself up close and in front on the artist's pedestal and look, examine, expose and paint yourself as the muse. You discover the unique innocence, beauty and spirit in yourself much like that which you have admired in others when you looked closely. You then realize that you do not have to have an MFA and an uber elitist entourage of artistic cadres with an affinity for tight black clothing to be a star with art utensils. You do not have to know the owners of fabulous galleries or to be able to talk your way through a myriad of art museum vernacular to have taste and to possess a distinctive style. You just end up growing into your skin. What I know and can do, it's the essence and the point...making something from nothing...I can draw, sculpt, design and paint the f**k out of most any medium, and that is good enough for me. 


​"Fall seven times, stand up eight." -Zen proverb